What Should I do with a Rat After I Catch it?

So you had a Buffalo rat in your home and you decided to do the humane thing and catch it. You could have just outright got some poison or a lethal form of trap, but you have decided that killing the little beast is just wrong. That is very kind of you to do this.

The problem for you is to decide what to do with the New York rat once you have caught it. You simply can't let it go. It may find the same way back into your home, and so you are left with the quandary of what to do now. It is a real dilemma. There are really three options that you can employ and, truthfully, none of them are ones that you are really going to like to hear. You have gone out of your way to save these Buffalo critters, but your kindness may not work out as well as you would have hoped.

The first option is to put it back outside and do what you can to seal up any means it may have to get inside. This will force it to stay outside, and your problem is resolved. The New York rats is just beginning however. It is now in unfamiliar territory without any of the landmarks it knows to get around. It will find it very hard to fend for itself and to find shelter. In addition, it will be open to predators who will see the New York rat as the perfect meal. The truth is that the rat has very little chance of surviving. Your great plan to save the Buffalo rat may have actually backfired.

Your second option is to take the rat to another New York location and let it go. The problem with this option is that many of the same problems it faced by being let outside your home it faces here as well. It is unfamiliar with the terrain, will not know where to hunt for food or find shelter, and will be susceptible to the advances of predators. This will not end well for it here either. The last option, knowing these odds now, are to maybe do the thing you were hoping to avoid from the start. You could end the Buffalo rat's life yourself. You may not like this option, but leaving it to become some hawk's or fox's meal doesn't sound particularly palatable either. It may just be the most humane thing of all to feed it some poison and let it die.

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