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Will Artificial Owls Keep Away Birds?

Most Buffalo birds are pleasant to look at when there are only a few of them, but if there are dozens gathered in an area, they can create quite a disturbance, not to mention a mess with all their droppings. Certain species of birds are known to destroy gardens as well, and so homeowners may very well want to find a way to keep them away from their property. There are many methods that home and building owners use to deter New York birds, and one of the most commonly used options is a decoy owl. It may not seem like a fake owl would be very effective in scaring birds off, but you may be surprised.

Owls are predators to many species of Buffalo birds. Artificial owls will chase away such problem species as woodpeckers and pigeons. Because owls prey on other birds, birds will head in the other direction when even seeing the shape of an owl.

Familiarity of the owl after seeing it every day emboldens the birds to take a closer look. When the owl does not move, then the birds come back. The return of the birds may take as little as one day. There are artificial owls that move their heads. These owls cost approximately $25. It is also suggested that you relocate the owl frequently. Normally the sizes are 12 to 23 inches.

The best decoy is placed on a rail and then is moved around on the rail. They also flap their wings and actually make hooting noises. This will keep the New York birds that are afraid of owls away for a longer period of time. The constant mobility, the flapping of wings and the sound will indeed give the birds a much better impression of it being a live owl. You can see artificial owls stationed on a variety of homes and buildings if you keep an eye out for them. Certain models of the decoy owl prove to be very effective in deterring Buffalo birds from roosting or from entering a garden space. This method will prove particularly effective when combined with one or more other bird deterrent methods. If you want to protect your home from a constant barrage of bird droppings or you wish to avoid the noise disturbance of a large group of New York birds, using an artificial owl is highly recommended as a humane and cost-effective deterrent.

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