What are a Squirrel's Mating Habits?

Squirrels are popular animals that can be commonly seen in surroundings. They have a chance of surviving upon different things because of this reason it is easy for them to live in any kind of environment. Presence of Buffalo squirrels in homes is not something, which is appreciated by masses, but a great majority of home owners face these kinds of issues and seek professional assistance. However, in this section our main focus will be upon the mating habits that are exhibited by squirrels and the manner in which they give birth to their young ones. These matters are always interesting for people who are attracted towards living styles and habits of New York squirrels. The mating season for squirrels normally takes place two times a year. From December to February and next it starts from the month of June and continues till August.

Coming towards the mating habits of different kinds of squirrels it should be mentioned here that these Buffalo animals don't mate for entire life. When it's time for a female to become receptive she will give off scent that is good enough for attracting males present at a distance of 500 meters. This will be responsible for driving many males towards the female and they will have to compete against each other for winning a chance against her. In majority of situations the most dominant male will be successful in mating with the female first of all. There are chances for other males present as well to compete with the lady after first one is finished. Once mating is over males have no other role to play and they normally depart as there is nothing which they will have to do with the female or young ones.

For eastern squirrel gestation period normally lasts for 45 days. Other kinds of New York tree squirrels normally show similar gestation period or it can be shorter for species that are small. Babies are born in cavity present inside hollow or nest. Little normally contains 2 to 4 babies, but sometimes the number can grow to 8. The young ones at the time of birth weight approximately an ounce and are normally one inch long. Generally they are born without hairs except whiskers, are deaf and blind so you can term these are completely dependent upon their mother.

From the above mentioned description it can be understood that mother takes the responsibility of feeding and taking care of her babies. Female Buffalo squirrel takes care of young ones till the time they get mature. Weaning will take place by 7 to 10 weeks and after this young squirrels are capable of leaving the nest. However, they will need their mother for many weeks till adulthood is reached.

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