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The Best Bait to Trap a Rodent

If you are looking to set a trap for a Buffalo rat there are actually many options that you can choose from to use as bait. There are not only the traditional things that we think of to use, but there are actually some even better choices that can assist you in capturing the little creature.

Traditionally, most people think of using cheese as the perfect bait. Cheese is what we see used in all of the cartoons and movies, and truthfully it is a good bait. The problem with cheese is that it spoils if left out for too long. If you leave cheese sitting on a trap for more than a day it no longer serve this purpose, despite the fact that it gives offer rather strong odor.

This is the key thing that you are looking for in trying to use as a bait. The smell of the item is the key. Rats have very strong sense of smell, which means that your bait needs to give off an odor that is strong but also pleasing to the Buffalo rat. There are many things that you can choose from. One of the best of these is peanut butter. Peanut butter has a very strong odor to it that is pleasing to almost any animal, plus it lasts for quite a long time sitting out on a trap. The big advantage of peanut butter is in its stickiness. Let's explain this a little further.

Say you put the piece of cheese on the trap. A quick Buffalo rat is able to just grab that piece of cheese or knock it off of the trap, and then just and run away with it to eat it somewhere else. That is the disadvantage of cheese, especially considering that it gets harder and easier to grab the longer it sits out. Now let's consider peanut butter for a moment. If you put a blob of peanut butter on the trap mechanism that peanut butter cannot just be easily removed. The rat has to actually stay in on the trap to be able to eat the peanut butter. This gives you ample opportunity for the trap to work properly and close on the New York rat, capturing or killing it. What you are looking for in your bait is anything that gives the same kind of idea as peanut butter. You want to use things that give up a pleasing aroma while also ensuring that it is difficult to remove from the trap.

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